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Shared Assets – Land Explorer

Shared Assets develop livelihood-building new ways of managing land, and wanted to open up the accessibility of land information beyond geographic professionals, governments and large companies.

To help them achieve their goals we created an attractive Minimum Viable Product web app that they could use to attract users and funders. This project was delivered in collaboration with Tableflip.

On a tight turnaround, we built a working product with fully functioning front-end, back-end and dataset access. Most importantly we used an API-first approach to set the foundation for longer term development, making the data accessible by other projects and products.

Shared Assets have been delighted with Outlandish’s “amazing work” on Land Explorer. Our MVP is the culmination of 2 years of their efforts exploring how to best represent information for common good land use.

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What is the best thing about Outlandish?
A combination of agility, understanding customer needs, a friendly, talented team and value for money.
David Blundell, Social Media Manager at the British Council

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